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Dr. Guy Tremblay

Dr. Guy Tremblay

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Specialties: Cardiology

About The Speaker

Dr. Guy Tremblay combines his cardiology practice with his teaching position as Clinical Professor of Medicine at Laval University. Spurred by his interest in promotion cardiovascular health, Dr. Tremblay have served since 1978 as consulting cardiologist for the Public Health Centre, and active member of Clinical practice guideline initiatives, with Canadian Hypertensive Education Program and Canadian Cardiovascular Society. In recent years, Dr. Tremblay has focused his attention on closing the gap between medical knowledge and clinical practice. He has been proactive in assuming a leading role in encouraging the widespread dissemination and adoption of clinical practice guidelines. To facilitate this leadership in knowledge transfer for CV promotion and prevention, he has served on boards of numerous scientific societies (Canadian Cardiovascular society, Hypertension Canada, etc) and has collaborated to numerous committees of scientific societies (RCPSC, CLIMOA, ACQ, etc). His research interest is Cardiovascular Risk evaluation, as a medical consultant for Insurance and Reinsurance companies, while promoting clinical risk evaluation with appropriate Canadian risk engine, such as SCORE CANADA .


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