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Dr. Bertus Eksteen

Dr. Bertus Eksteen

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Specialties: Gastroenterology

About The Speaker

Dr Bertus Eksteen is a Gastroenterologist and Transplant Hepatologist at the Aspen Woods Clinic and the Alberta Liver Transplant Program in Calgary. His main interests are autoimmune liver and gastrointestinal diseases such as Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), Auto-immune hepatitis (AIH) and Inammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). He completed his clinical training in the UK and has a PhD in Immunology. His research has dened many of the crucial immune pathways that underpin these diseases in the search for new therapies and runs one of the biggest sites globally for performing clinical trials in PSC and IBD. His research includes the effects of genes, the environment and the gut microbiome in complex human diseases.


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