Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference Topics - Updates in Dermatology, Family Practice, Medical-Legal and Office Procedures

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Posted on 02/28/2018

Dr. Danial

  • Under the Influence of Big Pharma: What You Didn’t Learn in Med School
  • Medical Assistance in Dying

Dr. Huq

  • Primer on LA
  • Minor Office Procedures
  • Minor ER Procedures
  • Dermatological Surgery

Dr. Landells

  • Rosacea/Acne
  • Skin Cancer
  • Intro to Red Scaly Patches
  • Psoriasis – More Than Just Skip Deep
  • Herpes Zoster Infection and Adult Vaccination
  • Dermatology Jeopardy

Dr. Ngui

  • Practical Pearls for Implementing the Diabetes Guidelines
  • Utilizing EMR Dashboards to Improve Population Health and Chronic Disease Management
  • Lipid Management in 2017
  • CHF Management in 2017
  • A. Fib Management in 2017
  • Case Studies