Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference Topics - Managing the Difficult Patient: Substance Abuse & Addiction in Primary Care & Specialty Settings

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Posted on 02/28/2018

Dr. Earley

  • The Neurobiology of Addiction
  • Evidence-Based Wellness
  • Recovery Mind Training
  • Neurobiology of Empathy
  • Physician Wellness—Improving Your Quality of Life

Dr. Melamed

  • Identifying Drug Use
  • Urine Drug Test Screening
  • Managing Benzodiazepine Dependence
  • Medical Co-Morbidities With Addiction
  • How to Recognize and Avoid Drug-SeekingBehaviours
  • Sexual Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Sobey

  • Legal Marijuana
  • Club Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances
  • Managing Pre– and Post– Operative Alcohol and Drug Dependence
  • Managing the Problem Drinker in the Office-Based Practice
  • Successful Recovery-Oriented Programs