Dr. Phil Hardin

Dr. Petr Polasek

Dr. George Porfiris

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Learn more about your Sea Courses Concierge and Moderator!

Harvey Strydhorst - Concierge

Your travel concierge is Harvey Strydhorst who is on board with you to ensure CME meetings run smoothly, answer any questions, and to enrich your experience. In 1995 he co-founded Sea Courses and served as President until 2015. He has sailed on more than 150 cruises and visited as many countries. He has been an invited advisor to cruise lines and a mentor to travel agents and managers. You are in good hands as you explore, learn, and connect together.

Dr. Martin Gerretsen - Moderator

Dr. Gerretsen is a family physician specializing in addictions medicine and has been involved in the development of CME conferences for over twenty years. He has built Sea Courses with a true doctor’s perspective, as a facilitator of “must know” information that is pertinent for today’s medical practice. He built his program on practitioners’ feedback of desires and needs. He is also an Elite Cruise Counsellor and Luxury Cruise Specialist and has sailed on over 150 cruises onboard twenty different cruise lines and to all seven continents.

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