Internal Medicine & Medical-Legal Updates May 12 - 22, 2017

Internal Medicine & Medical-Legal Updates

Speakers: Dr. Sanjay Pandeya, Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd, Dr. Jeff Habert & Dr. Eileen Rakovitch (With up to 20.00 CME hours)

Overall program objectives: This course is designed for Family Physicians, Specialists, and Allied Health Care professionals. The aim is to provide evidence-based material as well as practical and relevant clinical PEARLS that will be easy to implement into one’s medical practice. Conference attendees will be invited to complete a pre-course Needs’ Assessment form to facilitate the faculty with the development of their presentations.

Spectacular Spanish Sojourn: Travel to Spain and you will find everything, from lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in the Northern regions to desert zones in the South. Spain is a country that is rich in history and culture, inhabited by Romans, Arabs, Celts, and many other cultures who have all left their imprint in the country. Today, Spain is known by its Flamenco, Bullfighting, Gastronomy, Literature, Art and Architecture among many other distinctive qualities. This tour will give a glimpse of the many different facets of Spain, from the bustling streets of the capital Madrid to the laid-back atmosphere in the Spanish countryside.


This program will offer up to 20.00 hours of continuing medical education. Contact Sea Courses for details regarding certification for family physicians and specialists.In order to provide unbiased education this CME conference has not received any pharmaceutical industry sponsorship.

Hero Image: "Madrid architecture" by Richard Mortel, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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